The Genesis G90 is a new midsize luxury sedan that has been filled full of safety tech. This focus on safety will ensure that you and your passengers are taken care of when you are driving around Duluth.

One of the best safety features to have when trying to traverse busy city streets is the automatic emergency braking. This system can detect any slow or stopped vehicles in front of the G90 along with being able to detect pedestrians and other objects. Then the G90 can automatically apply the brakes if the situation calls for it. The G90 can also analyze your driving patterns to detect if you are distracted or fatigued when behind the wheel. The G90 can then try and keep you focused on the road until you reach your destination.

If you want to learn more about the amazing safety features found on the G90, you can stop by Genesis of Gwinnett. You can also get behind the wheel if you want to check out these features for yourself.


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