Even though comprehensive insurance covers auto theft, why go through the disastrous problem of dealing with a stolen car? Taking necessary preventive steps could drive down the chances of a thief fleeing with the vehicle.

The most straightforward steps often work best. Don't rely solely on a car alarm. Double-check the vehicle before you walk away from it. Make sure the car doors are locked, and they need to be locked while you're driving, too. Stay away from high crime areas.

Where you park your car counts for a lot. Thieves love to work in the dark. Park your vehicle in a well-lit area to cut down on the chances of it being stolen. And make sure to have a top anti-theft device installed. Alarms have value.

See how anti-theft systems and locks work when you go on a test drive in Duluth. At Genesis of Gwinnett, we can help you choose the right car.


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