If your car engine starts promptly, you can thank your battery. If your battery consistently gets your car engine to start promptly, you can thank your alternator. What's the difference between the alternator and the battery? This is one of the top questions we often get here at Genesis of Gwinnett. The following briefly explains the key differences between these two auto parts.

What Your Battery Does Best

Your battery's main job is to supply the jolt that initiates the car starter and, in turn, your engine. Your alternator's job is to keep your battery properly recharged so that it can continuously and reliably initiate the car starter whenever you insert a key into the ignition.

What Your Alternator Does Best

Like a generator, your alternator gathers mechanical energy from the motion of your car. It turns this mechanical energy into usable electricity, recharging your car battery and fueling electrical systems like the radio, interior lights, exterior lights, power features and infotainment system.

A problem with either part can have your car stalled. Stay on top of battery and alternator health with routine service appointments at our Duluth dealership. Book an appointment or just come down at your leisure. We can't wait to serve you.



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