A chip in your windshield can become more of a problem if you continue to drive your car and don't get the chip repaired. A repair is less expensive than a complete windshield replacement. When you ignore a chip in your windshield, it can start to spread or crack further.

Chips in your windshield are filled in with liquid resin that bonds to your windshield glass, strengthening the windshield. While the repair doesn't look perfectly clear, there are times when you can't tell that the windshield has been repaired. While you still see a visible mark, repairing the crack in your windshield protects the strength of your overall windshield.

Chip repairs usually take around 30 minutes, and you will spend about $50 for the repair. If the chip isn't in your line of sight, getting a repair instead of a new windshield is probably going to be enough to keep your vehicle safe.

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