If you have issues with your brakes, you could be fearful of heading out on the road. You never know when you need to brake fast, only to find that your rotors and pads have worn down so much that your brakes don’t work properly. If you don’t want your brakes to get to that point, then you need to look out for warning signs.

While brake lights are helpful, these don’t always come on, especially if you have an older car. Newer cars have brake diagnostics that can show you when brakes need to be serviced. Most brakes have worn down pads and rotors that create friction as brakes grind metal on metal. If you notice that your brake feels too soft when you press down, or if you notice a squealing sound, then you’ll need to get your brakes serviced quickly.

There are several causes for brake problems, but most of the time it’s just wear and tear. However, you should get your brakes checked any time you go in for maintenance. We offer great services at Genesis of Gwinnett located in Duluth, GA for your brakes and other vehicle repairs.

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