Winter is the longest season of the year, and after it's over, you crave warm weather and ample sunshine. Your car needs a little TLC after winter passes. One thing you can do to keep your car functioning properly during the spring is to check your tires. Your tires take most of the beating when you travel, especially through harsh weather conditions, such as snow and ice. Check your tire's pressure and the tread. You need to also check the tires for cuts, tears, and foreign objects.

Your car's belts and hoses are other components of your vehicle that need to be checked during spring maintenance. Cold temperatures can hard your car's belts and hoses, so double-check for damages, such as cracks, glazing, frays, and loose hoses. If one of your belts needs to be replaced, check the pulleys and tensioner to see if they too need to be replaced. Failure to replace the pulleys and tensioner can result in a slipping belt.

Your car's battery can also become damaged during the winter. Before you start using your vehicle regularly, have your battery checked. Make sure the battery is secure and mounted properly.

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